76-820. Insurance; requirements; deficiency in insurance coverage.

The association of co-owners shall insure the property and the association against risk, including tort liability, without prejudice to the right of each co-owner to insure himself or herself or his or her apartment or the contents thereof, on his or her own account and for his or her own benefit. Any policy shall be issued in the name of the board of administrators or as provided in the bylaws, in trust for the benefit of each co-owner in accordance with the percentage interest of each as stated in the master deed. The limits of coverage shall be established by resolution of the board of administrators. Premiums for such insurance shall be included in the common expenses. Any deficiency in insurance coverage shall be borne by all co-owners in proportion to the basic values referred to in sections 76-806 and 76-809, except as provided in section 76-820.01. For condominiums created in this state before January 1, 1984, the powers of the association or administrative body provided in subdivisions (a)(1) to (a)(6) and (a)(11) to (a)(16) of section 76-860 shall apply, to the extent necessary in construing the provisions of sections 76-827, 76-829 to 76-831, 76-840, 76-841, 76-869, 76-874, 76-876, 76-884, and 76-891.01, and subdivisions (a)(1) to (a)(6) and (a)(11) to (a)(16) of section 76-860 which apply to events and circumstances which occur after January 1, 1984.

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