76-819. Purchaser; seller; debts owing; liability; tort and contract liability.

The purchaser of an apartment shall be jointly and severally liable with the seller for the amounts owing by the latter under section 76-817 up to the time of the conveyance, without prejudice to the purchaser's right to recover from the other party the amounts paid by him or her as such joint debtor. Co-owners shall not be individually liable for damages arising from the use of common elements. Any tort liability arising from the use of common elements shall be a common expense and shall be borne by all co-owners in proportion to the basic values referred to in sections 76-806 and 76-809. For condominiums created in this state before January 1, 1984, the provisions on tort and contract liability in section 76-869 shall apply to the extent necessary in construing the provisions of sections 76-827, 76-829 to 76-831, 76-840, 76-841, 76-869, 76-874, 76-876, 76-884, and 76-891.01, and subdivisions (a)(1) to (a)(6) and (a)(11) to (a)(16) of section 76-860 which apply to events and circumstances which occur after January 1, 1984.

Source:Laws 1963, c. 429, § 19, p. 1443; Laws 1974, LB 730, § 10; Laws 1983, LB 433, § 79; Laws 1993, LB 478, § 8.