76-810. Master deed; plans attached; boundaries.

(1) There shall be attached to the master deed, at the time it is filed for record, a full and exact copy of the plans of any building, which copy of plans shall be entered of record along with the master deed. Said plans shall show graphically all particulars of any building including, but not limited to, the dimensions, area and location of each apartment therein and the dimensions, area and location of common elements affording access to each apartment. Other common elements, both limited and general, shall be shown graphically insofar as possible and shall be described in detail in words and figures. Said plans shall be certified to by an engineer or architect authorized and licensed to practice his profession in this state.

(2) In interpreting the plans or other instruments affecting the property or apartment, the boundaries of the property or apartment constructed or reconstructed in substantial accordance with the plans shall be conclusively presumed to be the actual boundaries rather than the description expressed in the plans, regardless of the settling or lateral movement of the property.

Source:Laws 1963, c. 429, § 10, p. 1440; Laws 1974, LB 730, § 7.