76-806. Apartment; ownership rights; value; computation.

An apartment owner shall have the exclusive ownership of his apartment and shall have a common right to a share, with the other co-owners, in the common elements of the property, equivalent to the percentage representing the value of the individual apartment, with relation to the value of the whole property. This percentage shall be computed by taking as a basis the value of the individual apartment in relation to the value of the property as a whole.

Such percentage shall be expressed at the time the condominium property regime is constituted, shall have a permanent character, and shall not be altered without the acquiescence of the co-owners representing all the apartments of the regime, except as provided in section 76-812.01.

The said basic value, which shall be fixed for the sole purpose of sections 76-801 to 76-823 and irrespectively of the actual value, shall not prevent each co-owner from fixing a different circumstantial value to his apartment in all types of acts and contracts.

Source:Laws 1963, c. 429, § 6, p. 1438; Laws 1974, LB 730, § 4.