76-710.04. Economic development purpose; restriction on use of eminent domain.

(1) A condemner may not take property through the use of eminent domain under sections 76-704 to 76-724 if the taking is primarily for an economic development purpose.

(2) For purposes of this section, economic development purpose means taking property for subsequent use by a commercial for-profit enterprise or to increase tax revenue, tax base, employment, or general economic conditions.

(3) This section does not affect the use of eminent domain for:

(a) Public projects or private projects that make all or a major portion of the property available for use by the general public or for use as a right-of-way, aqueduct, pipeline, transmission line, or similar use;

(b) Removing harmful uses of property if such uses constitute an immediate threat to public health and safety;

(c) Leasing property to a private person who occupies an incidental part of public property or a public facility, such as a retail establishment on the ground floor of a public building;

(d) Acquiring abandoned property;

(e) Clearing defective property title;

(f) Taking private property for use by a utility or railroad;

(g) Taking private property based upon a finding of blighted or substandard conditions under the Community Development Law if the private property is not agricultural land or horticultural land as defined in section 77-1359; and

(h) Taking private property for a transmission line to serve a privately developed facility generating electricity using wind, solar, biomass, or landfill gas. Nothing in this subdivision shall be construed to grant the power of eminent domain to a private entity.

Source:Laws 2006, LB 924, § 2; Laws 2010, LB1048, § 9.

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