76-537. Terms, defined.

As used in the Abstracters Act, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Abstract of title means a compilation in orderly arrangement of the materials and facts of record affecting the title to real property, issued under a certificate certifying to the matters contained in such compilation;

(2) Board means the Abstracters Board of Examiners;

(3) Business of abstracting means the making, compiling, and selling of abstracts of title or any part thereof or preparing written reports of title to real property;

(4) Business entity means a partnership, limited liability company, corporation, or other organizational form developed to conduct business;

(5) Certificate of authority means the authorization to engage in the business of abstracting in a county in the State of Nebraska granted to an individual or business entity;

(6) Certificate of registration means the authorization to prepare abstracts of title to real property in any county within the State of Nebraska which is granted to an individual under section 76-543;

(7) Duplicate certificate of registration means a second or subsequent certificate of registration issued in this state for an abstracter who (a) holds an operative certificate of registration and (b) is employed by more than one holder of a certificate of authority;

(8) Inactive abstracter means an abstracter whose certificate of registration is not affiliated with an individual or business entity engaged in the business of abstracting and holding a certificate of authority;

(9) Professional development means a course of educational instruction, including correspondence courses, designed to maintain and improve the ability of registered abstracters to provide services to the public;

(10) Registered abstracter means an individual, registered under the Abstracters Act, holding an operative certificate of registration who for a fee or other valuable consideration compiles or certifies abstracts of title or any part thereof to real property in any county within this state or who prepares reports of title; and

(11) Report of title means any type of summary of facts of record affecting the title to real property which does not purport to constitute an opinion as to the state of the title and which is prepared by a person other than an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Nebraska. Report of title does not include a title insurance commitment or policy or information or opinions given by a register of deeds in response to inquiries from the public.

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