76-305. Appraisers; report; objections; reappraisal.

The appraisers shall make report in writing of their appraisement and deposit the same in a sealed envelope with the clerk of such court, within the time required by the court, and if either party shall think himself aggrieved by such appraisement he may file objections thereto at the term to which the same is returned, if returned in term time, ten days before such term adjourns, and if such report is made in vacation, or if made in term time, less than ten days before such term adjourns, then such objections may be filed on or before the second day of the term next ensuing. Upon the hearing of such objections, if the court is of the opinion that injustice has been done by such appraisement, it shall be set aside and a new appraisement ordered. New appraisers shall thereupon be summoned and like proceedings had as provided in sections 76-303 and 76-304.

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