76-301. Occupant or claimant; eviction by holder of better title; reimbursement for improvements and taxes paid.

Any person claiming title to real estate, whether in actual possession or not, for which he can show a plain and connected title, in law or equity, derived from the records of some public office, from the United States, or from this state, or anyone who has derived title from any such person by devise, descent, deed, contract or bond, shall not be evicted or turned out of possession of such real estate. His claim or title shall not be set aside or canceled by any court in any proceedings brought or commenced by any person setting up and proving an adverse and better title or claim to such real estate, until he shall be fully paid the value of all lasting and valuable improvements made upon such real estate by him or by those under whom he claims, and also for all taxes and assessments paid upon the real estate by him and the persons under whom he claims, with interest thereon at the same rate of interest as provided by law for delinquent taxes, and for all sums of money paid by him, or those under whom he claims, to redeem such real estate from any sale or sales for nonpayment of taxes previous to receiving actual notice by the commencement of suit on such adverse title or claim by which such eviction or cancellation may be had, unless the occupant or claimant shall refuse to pay the person so setting up and proving an adverse and better title the value of such real estate without improvements made thereon as aforesaid, upon the demand of the successful claimant as hereinafter provided.

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