76-297. Sections; how construed.

Sections 25-207, 25-213, 40-104, and 76-288 to 76-298 shall be construed to effect the legislative purpose of simplifying and facilitating real estate title transactions by allowing persons to deal with the record title owner as defined herein and to rely upon the record title covering a period of twenty-two years or more subsequent to the recording of deed of conveyance as set out in section 76-288, and to that end to bar all claims that affect or may affect the interest thus dealt with, the existence of which claims arises out of or depends upon any act, transaction, event, or omission occurring before the recording of such deed of conveyance, unless a notice of such claim, as provided in section 76-292, shall have been duly filed for record. The claims hereby barred shall mean any and all interests of any nature whatever, however denominated, whether such claims are asserted by a person sui juris or under disability, whether such person is or has been within or without the state, and whether such person is natural, corporate, private, or governmental.

Source:Laws 1947, c. 243, ยง 10(1), p. 765.