76-2112. Membership camping contract; right to cancel; effect; duties.

A purchaser shall have the right to cancel a membership camping contract within three business days following the date the contract is executed or within three business days following the date of delivery of the written disclosure statement required by section 76-2110, whichever is later. The right to cancel may not be waived and any attempt to obtain such a waiver shall be unlawful and considered a violation of the Membership Campground Act.

A purchaser may cancel the contract by hand delivering a written statement of cancellation or by mailing, postage prepaid, such a statement to the membership camping operator. The cancellation shall be deemed effective upon mailing.

Upon cancellation and return of all membership and reciprocal-use materials furnished at the time of purchase, the membership camping operator shall refund to the purchaser all payments and other consideration given by the purchaser. The refund shall be made within thirty calendar days after the membership camping operator receives notice of the cancellation and may, when payment has been made by credit card, be made by an appropriate credit to the purchaser's account. If the membership camping operator fails to refund the payment or other consideration given within the thirty-day period, it shall be presumed that the membership camping operator is willfully and wrongfully retaining the payment or other consideration. The willful and wrongful retention of a payment or other consideration in violation of this section shall render the membership camping operator liable for the amount of that portion of the payment or other consideration withheld from the purchaser, together with reasonable attorney's fees and court costs.

The membership camping operator or salesperson shall orally inform the purchaser at the time the contract is executed of the right to cancel the contract as provided in this section.

Source:Laws 1990, LB 656, ยง 12.