Nebraska Revised Statute 76-2,129

Chapter 76


Scope; exclusions.

(a) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (b) of this section, the Uniform Easement Relocation Act applies to an easement established by express grant or reservation or by prescription, implication, necessity, estoppel, or other method.

(b) The Uniform Easement Relocation Act may not be used to relocate:

(1) a public utility easement, conservation easement, or negative easement;

(2) an easement or right-of-way held by a public power and irrigation district, irrigation district, reclamation district, or canal company; or

(3) an easement if the proposed location would encroach on an area of an estate burdened by a conservation easement or would interfere with the use or enjoyment of a public utility easement or an easement appurtenant to a conservation easement.

(c) The Uniform Easement Relocation Act does not apply to relocation of an easement by consent.