Nebraska Revised Statute 76-2,117

Chapter 76 Section 2,117


Sections; effect on other rights and powers.

(1) The provisions of sections 76-2,111 to 76-2,118 do not render invalid or unenforceable any otherwise valid restriction, easement, covenant, or condition whether created before or after the enactment of sections 76-2,111 to 76-2,118.

(2) Nothing in sections 76-2,111 to 76-2,118 shall diminish the powers granted in any other law to acquire by purchase, gift, grant, eminent domain, or otherwise and to use interests in real property for public purposes.

(3) If property subject to a conservation or preservation easement is condemned for public use, that part of the easement which conflicts with the condemnation shall terminate as of the time of the condemnation. If the easement was obtained by gift or devise the owner shall be entitled to such compensation for the taking as if the property had not been subject to the easement and if the easement was obtained by purchase or exchange, the holder shall be entitled to just compensation for the taking of the easement.

(4) An entity having the power of eminent domain may, through agreement with the owner of the servient estate and the holder of the conservation or preservation easement, acquire an easement over the land for the purpose of providing utility services.


  • Laws 1981, LB 173, § 7.