76-1916. Sale or conveyance; exempt from subdivision requirements.

(1) A sale or conveyance of agricultural land in parcels pursuant to any action on a petition filed pursuant to section 76-1906, (2) a foreclosure sale of mortgaged premises in parcels pursuant to section 76-1912 or 76-1913 or a decree entered under section 25-2138, or (3) a conveyance by deed executed by the owner to a mortgagee or trustee in lieu of foreclosure or exercise of the trustee's power of sale shall be exempt from the requirements of subdivision approval contained in sections 14-116, 15-901, 16-902, 17-1002, 23-174.03, and 23-373 and shall not constitute a subdivision as defined in sections 14-116, 15-901, 19-921, 23-174.03, and 23-372.

Source:Laws 1986, Third Spec. Sess., LB 3, ยง 16.