76-1605. Operator; lien on personal property; rental agreement; contents.

(1) The operator of a self-service storage facility and the operator's heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns shall have a lien upon all of an occupant's personal property located at the self-service storage facility for delinquent rent, late fees, labor, or other charges incurred pursuant to a rental agreement and for expenses incurred for preservation, sale, or disposition of the personal property. The lien established by this subsection shall have priority over all other liens except for tax liens and liens or security interests of any lienholder or security interest holder of record on such personal property that are perfected or recorded prior to, on, or after the date on which the personal property is placed in a leased space.

(2) The lien described in subsection (1) of this section attaches on the date on which personal property is placed in a leased space.

(3) The rental agreement shall contain a statement, in bold type, advising the occupant:

(a) Of the existence of the lien; and

(b) That personal property stored in the leased space may be sold to satisfy the lien if the occupant is in default.

(4) If the rental agreement specifies a limit on the value of personal property that the occupant may store in the leased space, such limit shall be deemed to be the maximum value of the personal property in the occupant's leased space.

Source:Laws 2017, LB492, ยง 5.