75-340. Cooperation with insurers; maintenance of records.

(1) In a claims coverage investigation, a transportation network company or its insurer shall cooperate with insurers that are involved in the claims coverage investigation to facilitate the exchange of information, including the provision of dates and times at which an accident occurred that involved a participating driver and the precise times that the participating driver logged on and off the transportation network company's online-enabled application or platform in the twenty-four-hour period preceding the accident.

(2) All records, including electronic records, showing the time when a driver has logged in as active or logged out as inactive on the transportation network company's online-enabled application or platform, and any data or reports with information about the personal vehicle's involvement in a motor vehicle accident, that are maintained by the transportation network company shall be maintained for a minimum of five years after the date the loss is reported to the transportation network company.

Source:Laws 2015, LB629, ยง 19.