75-328. Use of personal vehicle; requirements; initial safety inspection; annual inspection; reports available.

(1) In order to be used under sections 75-323 to 75-343, a personal vehicle shall be in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Registration Act as required for a passenger car as defined in section 60-345.

(2) A transportation network company or a certified mechanic shall perform an initial safety inspection on each personal vehicle prior to approving it for use as a personal vehicle. The inspection shall include inspection of at least the following components and such components shall be in good working order:

(a) Foot brakes;

(b) Parking or emergency brakes;

(c) Steering mechanism;

(d) Windshield;

(e) Rear window and other glass;

(f) Windshield wipers;

(g) Headlights;

(h) Taillights;

(i) Turn indicator lights;

(j) Stop lights;

(k) Front seat adjustment mechanism;

(l) The opening, closing, and locking capability of doors;

(m) Horn;

(n) Speedometer;

(o) Bumpers;

(p) Muffler and exhaust system;

(q) Tire conditions, including tread depth;

(r) Interior and exterior rear-view mirrors; and

(s) Safety belts for driver and passengers.

(3) Annually thereafter, a driver shall obtain such an inspection and approval of the driver's personal vehicle in order to continue its use as a personal vehicle. A driver shall maintain proof of the current inspection.

(4) A transportation network company shall make the initial and annual inspection reports available to the commission upon request.

Source:Laws 2015, LB629, ยง 7.

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