75-313. Certificate; permit; terms.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, each certificate shall specify the service to be rendered, the routes, the fixed termini, if any, and the intermediate and off-route points, if any, and in case of operations not over specified routes or between fixed termini, the territory within which such carrier is authorized to operate. Each permit shall specify the business of the contract carrier covered thereby and the scope thereof. There shall, at the time of issuance, and from time to time thereafter, be attached to the exercise of the privileges granted by the certificate or permit such reasonable terms, conditions, and limitations as the public convenience and necessity, or the character of the holder as a contract carrier, may from time to time require, including terms, conditions, and limitations as to the extension of the route or routes of the carrier, and such terms and conditions as are necessary to carry out, with respect to the operations of the carrier, the requirements established by the commission. No terms, conditions, or limitations shall restrict the right of a contract carrier to substitute or add contracts within the scope of the permit, or to add to the equipment and facilities within the scope of the permit, as the development of the business and the demands of the public may require.

(2) This section does not apply to a transportation network company.

Source:Laws 1963, c. 425, art. III, § 13, p. 1382; Laws 2015, LB629, § 31.