75-304.03. Mover of household goods; license; application; fee; issuance; conditions; renewal; fee; failure to comply; effect; commission; authority.

(1) Beginning July 1, 2021, any mover of household goods operating in this state and engaged in the intrastate transportation for hire of household goods shall apply to the commission for a license prior to transporting household goods in intrastate commerce. A license shall be issued by the commission to any qualified applicant upon payment of a license fee of two hundred fifty dollars and receipt of a completed application in which the principal place of business of the applicant in the State of Nebraska is identified and the applicant agrees and affirms to perform the service in conformance with applicable sections 75-301 to 75-322 and the rules and regulations of the commission adopted and promulgated under such sections. Otherwise the application shall be denied. Applications for initial and renewal licenses shall be on forms prescribed by the commission. A license issued under this section shall be valid for one year and may be renewed annually for a fee of two hundred fifty dollars. A license may be suspended or revoked by the commission after notice and hearing for failure to comply with applicable sections 75-101 to 75-801, any rule or regulation adopted and promulgated under such sections, or any lawful order of the commission.

(2) Any person who applies for a license pursuant to this section shall comply with the requirements of section 75-307. The commission shall have no authority to regulate the rates of any motor carrier who is issued a license under this section.

Source:Laws 2020, LB461, ยง 8.