75-301. Motor carriers; regulation; legislative policy.

(1) It is the policy of the Legislature to comply with the laws of the United States, to promote uniformity of regulation, to prevent motor vehicle accidents, deaths, and injuries, to protect the public safety, to reduce redundant regulation, to promote financial responsibility on the part of all motor carriers operating in and through the state, and to foster the development, coordination, and preservation of a safe, sound, adequate, and productive motor carrier system which is vital to the economy of the state.

(2) It is the policy of the Legislature to (a) regulate transportation by motor carriers of passengers and household goods in intrastate commerce upon the public highways of Nebraska in such manner as to recognize and preserve the inherent advantages of and foster sound economic conditions in such transportation and among such carriers, in the public interest, (b) authorize upon the public highways of Nebraska the transportation in intrastate commerce of (i) household goods by motor carriers under licenses issued pursuant to section 75-304.03 and (ii) employees of railroad carriers engaged in interstate commerce to or from their work locations under licenses issued pursuant to section 75-304.04, (c) promote adequate economical and efficient service by motor carriers and reasonable charges therefor without unjust discrimination, undue preferences or advantages, and unfair or destructive competitive practices, (d) improve the relations between and coordinate transportation by and regulation of such motor carriers and other carriers, (e) develop and preserve a highway transportation system properly adapted to the needs of the commerce of Nebraska, (f) cooperate with the several states and the duly authorized officials thereof, and (g) cooperate with the United States Government in the administration and enforcement of the unified carrier registration plan and agreement.

The commission, the Division of Motor Carrier Services, and the carrier enforcement division shall enforce all provisions of section 75-126 and Chapter 75, article 3, so as to promote, encourage, and ensure a safe, dependable, responsive, and adequate transportation system for the public as a whole.

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