75-125. Rate schedule; failure to publish; mandamus.

Any common carrier which fails, refuses, or neglects to file or publish any schedule of rates, fares, and charges, or any part of the same, shall, in addition to other penalties prescribed in sections 75-101 to 75-155, be subject to a writ of mandamus to be issued by any district court of this state in the judicial district in which its principal office is situated or in which the offense may be committed. If the common carrier is a foreign corporation, then the writ may be issued by any district court in the judicial district where it accepts traffic and has an agent to perform such service to compel compliance with the provisions of section 75-124. The writ shall issue in the name of the state on the relation or upon the petition of the commission, and the failure to comply with the requirements shall be punishable as for contempt and shall make such common carrier liable to a penalty of one thousand dollars for each day's failure to comply with the writ. Whenever any such writ of mandamus is applied for, no bond shall be required.

Source:Laws 1963, c. 425, art. I, § 25, p. 1363; Laws 1994, LB 414, § 40.