75-124. Rates; publication.

The commission may compile and reproduce tariffs containing the schedules of rates and charges for transportation of persons and, until July 1, 2021, household goods. The commission may make a charge for copies of such tariffs to cover the cost of reproducing, supplementing, and mailing the same. Every common carrier shall reproduce, keep for public inspection, and file with the commission in the manner prescribed by the commission, schedules showing the rates, fares, and charges for the transportation of passengers and, until July 1, 2021, household goods, which have been fixed and established as provided in Chapter 75, articles 1 and 3, and which are in force at the time with respect to such common carrier.

Source:Laws 1963, c. 425, art. I, § 24, p. 1363; Laws 1995, LB 424, § 11; Laws 2020, LB461, § 3.
Operative Date: January 1, 2021