75-119. Rate, rule, or regulation; petition to prescribe or fix; procedure.

When any common carrier or other interested person petitions the commission alleging that a rate, rule, or regulation should be prescribed when none exists or alleging that an existing rule, regulation, or rate is unreasonably high or low, unjust, or discriminatory, notice shall be given to the common carriers affected in accordance with the commission's rules for notice and hearing. The minimum notice to be given under this section shall be ten days. The order granting or denying the petition or application shall be mailed to the parties of record. If a petition or application is not opposed after notice has been given, the commission may act upon such petition or application without a hearing.

Source:Laws 1963, c. 425, art. I, § 19, p. 1361; Laws 1967, c. 479, § 4, p. 1476; Laws 1994, LB 414, § 37.