75-115. Examinations and inspections; authorized; duty and power to repair; notice; injunctions; carrier enforcement division; powers.

(1) The commission shall have the power to examine and inspect, from time to time, the condition of each motor carrier or regulated motor carrier as defined in section 75-302 or each common carrier, the carrier's equipment, and the manner of the carrier's conduct and management, with regard to the public safety and convenience in the state.

(2) If any equipment is found in an unsafe and dangerous condition, the commission shall immediately notify such carrier whose duty it is to put the same in repair, which shall be done by it within a reasonable time after receiving such notice. If any such carrier fails to perform this duty, the commission may enjoin and prevent it from operating the same while in such unsafe and dangerous condition or may after notice and hearing order such carrier to make reasonable improvements of its service, facilities, and equipment as are necessary.

(3) It is the policy of the Legislature that the on-road enforcement of the provisions of law related to regulated motor carriers and motor carriers administered by the commission shall be carried out by the carrier enforcement division of the Nebraska State Patrol.

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