75-112. Commissioners and examiners; powers; certification of official acts.

(1) For purposes of carrying out the powers and duties of the commission related to the subjects under its jurisdiction enumerated in section 75-109.01, each commissioner and examiner of the commission may:

(a) Administer oaths;

(b) Compel the attendance of witnesses;

(c) Examine any of the books, papers, documents, and records of any motor carrier or regulated motor carrier as defined in section 75-302 or common, contract, or pipeline carrier subject to the jurisdiction of the commission under section 75-109.01 or any jurisdictional utility or have such examination made by any person that the commission may employ for that purpose;

(d) Compel the production of such books, papers, documents, and records; or

(e) Examine under oath or otherwise any officer, director, agent, or employee of any such carrier or jurisdictional utility or any other person.

(2) Any person employed by the commission to examine such books, papers, documents, or records shall produce his or her authority, under the hand and seal of the commission, to make such examination.

(3) The commissioners may certify to all official acts of the commission.

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