75-110.01. Application or petition for authority or relief; procedures.

A summary of the authority or relief sought in an application or petition shall be set out in the notice given according to the rules the commission shall adopt. After notice of an application or petition has been given as provided by the rules for notice, the commission may process the application or petition without a hearing by use of affidavits if the application or petition is not opposed. The commission shall not deny an application or petition of a common carrier, pipeline carrier, or jurisdictional utility until after it has either given the applicant a hearing thereon, or received the applicant's affidavits and made them a part of the record.

Source:Laws 1967, c. 479, § 2, p. 1476; Laws 2003, LB 790, § 64; Laws 2011, First Spec. Sess., LB1, § 15.