73-701. Department of Administrative Services; procurement practices; evaluation; report.

(1) The Department of Administrative Services shall contract for the completion of an evaluation of the state's procurement practices. The evaluation shall analyze past procurement challenges and address potential areas for improvement, including, but not limited to: (a) Due diligence, (b) evaluation of cost, (c) accountability for decisionmaking, and (d) protest procedures.

(2) The department shall contract with an outside consultant with expertise in government procurement within sixty days after April 19, 2022, for the purpose of conducting such evaluation. Such contract shall not be subject to any competitive bidding requirement.

(3) The evaluation shall be collaborative and shall include involvement by members of the Legislature and members of the executive departments described in this subsection. The evaluation shall be completed with input from:

(a) The chairpersons of the Executive Board of the Legislative Council, the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee of the Legislature, and the Health and Human Services Committee of the Legislature or the designees of such chairpersons;

(b) Other members of the Legislature as such chairpersons deem appropriate;

(c) The Department of Administrative Services;

(d) The Department of Health and Human Services; and

(e) Any other using agencies, as defined in section 81-145, deemed appropriate to participate by the Department of Administrative Services.

(4) The Department of Administrative Services shall electronically submit a report with the results of the evaluation to the Legislature and the Governor on or before November 15, 2022. Such report shall include recommendations for improvements to the state's procurement policies and practices.

Source:Laws 2022, LB1037, ยง 1.