73-301. Director of Administrative Services; duties.

The Director of Administrative Services shall review and approve or disapprove any contract for personal services between a private entity and any state agency, other than (1) the University of Nebraska, (2) the Nebraska state colleges, and (3) any other board, commission, or agency established by the Constitution of Nebraska, if, on the effective date of the contract, the personal services are performed by permanent state employees of the agency and will be replaced by services performed by the private entity. The contract shall be subject to the public bidding procedures established in sections 81-145 to 81-162 except in emergencies approved by the Governor.

For purposes of this section, contract for personal services means an agreement by a contractor to provide human labor but does not mean a contract to supply only goods or personal property. The term includes contracts with private service providers, consultants, and independent service contractors.

Source:Laws 1995, LB 519, ยง 5.