72-240.26. Board of Educational Lands and Funds; Nebraska Investment Council; annual report; contents.

The Board of Educational Lands and Funds and the Nebraska Investment Council shall jointly report annually to the Clerk of the Legislature, and such report shall contain anticipated future actions by the board as well as actions already taken. The report submitted to the Clerk of the Legislature shall be submitted electronically. The board's portion of the report shall include (1) with reference to each tract of land sold pursuant to section 72-201.01: (a) The legal description; (b) the unique characteristics of the land being sold; (c) the appraised value; (d) the sale price; (e) the amount of funds received in the calendar year covered by the report from the sale; (f) the disposition of the funds; (g) the total number of acres of any unsold educational lands remaining under the general management and control of the board by county; (h) the total appraised value of unsold land; and (i) the percentage of the investment portfolio remaining in real estate, including all nonagricultural real estate and (2) the corresponding information for any land that has been acquired or traded. The council's portion of the report shall include a cost-benefit analysis which considers the land being sold versus the anticipated investment potential of proceeds resulting from the sale. The cost-benefit analysis model used shall be consistent with the standards of the investment industry at the time of the proposed sale. Each member of the Legislature shall receive an electronic copy of such report by making a request for it to the chairperson of the board.

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