72-233. School lands; application for lease; manner of leasing; bidding; conditions of lease.

Applications to lease any school lands shall be made to the Board of Educational Lands and Funds. Each such application shall contain an affidavit that the applicant desires to lease and operate such land for the applicant's own use and benefit and that the applicant will not sublease or otherwise dispose of the same without the written approval of the board and will commit no waste or damage on the land nor permit others to do so. The Board of Educational Lands and Funds may, at least once in each year, designate a day and hour for offering, in a public manner in the respective counties, lease contracts on all the educational lands in each respective county which may be subject to lease at the time of such offering. The offering shall be announced in a public manner by publishing a notice thereof three weeks preceding the auction in one or more of the legal newspapers published or of general circulation in the county in which the unleased land is located. If the board is unable to have a representative attend the offering, the county treasurer may, upon the direction of the board, act for it. Adjournments may be taken from day to day until all of the lands have been offered. No lease shall be sublet or assigned without the written approval of the board.

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