72-230. School and saline lands; sale; when subject to taxation.

Educational or saline lands sold under the provisions of any law of this state, or such as have been sold, shall not be taxable until the right to a deed shall have become absolute, but the value of the interest of such purchaser shall be taxable, which interest shall be determined by the value of the land and improvements, less the amount due the state; Provided, when such land shall be situated within the limits of any city or village and shall have been subdivided into lots, then it shall be subject to all special assessments for sidewalk, grading, paving, guttering, curbing, sewerage, and all other municipal improvements, in the same manner as other lots and lands in such city or village, except that a sale of such school lots to collect such assessment or assessments shall only pass the interest or title of the purchaser from the state, his heirs or assigns, and his or their right to a conveyance of the same, upon the payment of any residue of the purchase price or interest.

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