71-9102. Legislative findings.

(1) The Legislature finds that concussions are one of the most commonly reported injuries in children and adolescents who participate in sports and recreational activities and that the risk of catastrophic injury or death is significant when a concussion or brain injury is not properly evaluated and managed.

(2) The Legislature further finds that concussions are a type of brain injury that can range from mild to severe and can disrupt the way the brain normally works. Concussions can occur in any organized or unorganized sport or recreational activity and can result from a fall or from players colliding with each other, the ground, or with obstacles. Concussions occur with or without loss of consciousness, but the vast majority occur without loss of consciousness.

(3) The Legislature further finds that continuing to play with a concussion or symptoms of brain injury leaves a young athlete especially vulnerable to greater injury and even death. The Legislature recognizes that, despite having generally recognized return-to-play standards for concussion and brain injury, some young athletes are prematurely returned to play, resulting in actual or potential physical injury or death.

Source:Laws 2011, LB260, ยง 2.