71-8718. Reporting requirements.

(1) Every provider subject to the Patient Safety Improvement Act shall report aggregate numbers of occurrences for each patient safety event category listed in section 71-8717 to a patient safety organization. Reporting shall be done on an annual basis by March 31 for the prior calendar year.

(2) For each occurrence listed in section 71-8717, a root cause analysis shall be completed and an action plan developed within forty-five days after such occurrence. The action plan shall (a) identify changes that can be implemented to reduce risk of the patient safety event occurring again or formulate a rationale for not implementing change and (b) if an improvement action is planned, identify who is responsible for implementation, when the action will be implemented, and how the effectiveness of the action will be evaluated. The provider shall, within thirty days after the development of an action plan, provide a summary report to a patient safety organization which includes a brief description of the patient safety event, a brief description of the root cause analysis, and a description of the action plan steps.

(3) The facility where a reportable event occurred shall be responsible for coordinating the reporting of information required under the Patient Safety Improvement Act and ensuring that the required reporting is completed, and such coordination satisfies the obligation of reporting imposed on each individual provider under the act.

Source:Laws 2005, LB 361, ยง 18.