71-8707. Patient safety organization, defined.

Patient safety organization means an organization described in section 71-8714 that contracts with one or more providers subject to the Patient Safety Improvement Act and that performs the following activities:

(1) The conduct, as the organization's primary activity, of efforts to improve patient safety and the quality of health care delivery;

(2) The collection and analysis of patient safety work product that is submitted by providers;

(3) The development and dissemination of evidence-based information to providers with respect to improving patient safety, such as recommendations, protocols, or information regarding best practices;

(4) The utilization of patient safety work product to carry out activities limited to those described under this section and for the purposes of encouraging a culture of safety and of providing direct feedback and assistance to providers to effectively minimize patient risk;

(5) The maintenance of confidentiality with respect to identifiable information;

(6) The provision of appropriate security measures with respect to patient safety work product; and

(7) The possible submission, if authorized by federal law, of nonidentifiable information to a national patient safety data base.

Source:Laws 2005, LB 361, ยง 7.