71-8252. Regional trauma advisory boards; powers and duties.

The regional trauma advisory boards:

(1) Shall advise the department on matters relating to the delivery of trauma care services within the trauma care region;

(2) Shall evaluate data and provide analysis required by the department to assess the effectiveness of the statewide trauma system; and

(3) May apply for, receive, and accept gifts and other payments, including property and services, from any governmental or other public or private entity or person and may make arrangements as to the use of these receipts, including any activities related to the design, maintenance, or enhancements of the statewide trauma system in the trauma care region. Regional trauma advisory boards shall report in the regional budget the amount, source, and purpose of all gifts and payments.

Source:Laws 1997, LB 626, § 52; Laws 2007, LB185, § 47.