71-822. Children and Family Support Hotline; establishment.

No later than January 1, 2010, the department shall establish a Children and Family Support Hotline which shall:

(1) Be a single point of access for children's behavioral health triage through the operation of a twenty-four-hour-per-day, seven-day-per-week telephone line;

(2) Be administered by the division and staffed by trained personnel under the direct supervision of a qualified mental health, behavioral health, or social work professional engaged in activities of mental health treatment;

(3) Provide screening and assessment;

(4) Provide referral to existing community-based resources; and

(5) Be evaluated. The evaluation shall include, but not be limited to, the county of the caller, the reliability and consistency of the information given, an analysis of services needed or requested, and the degree to which the caller reports satisfaction with the referral service.

Source:Laws 2009, LB603, ยง 6.