71-802. Purposes of act.

The purposes of the Nebraska Behavioral Health Services Act are to: (1) Reorganize statutes relating to the provision of publicly funded behavioral health services; (2) provide for the organization and administration of the public behavioral health system within the department; (3) rename mental health regions as behavioral health regions; (4) provide for the naming of regional behavioral health authorities and ongoing activities of regional governing boards; (5) reorganize and rename the State Mental Health Planning and Evaluation Council and the State Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Advisory Committee; (6) change and add provisions relating to development of community-based behavioral health services and funding for behavioral health services; and (7) authorize the closure of regional centers.

Source:Laws 2004, LB 1083, § 2; Laws 2006, LB 994, § 92; Laws 2013, LB6, § 12.