71-7617. Contracts to provide educational and public health services; Department of Health and Human Services; duties.

The Department of Health and Human Services shall contract with the health clinics of Nebraska's federally recognized Native American tribes, Indian health organizations, or other public health organizations that have a substantial Native American clientele to provide educational and public health services targeted to Native American populations. The following educational and public health services may be considered by the department for such contracts:

(1) Identification and enrollment of children in state and federal programs providing access to health insurance or health care;

(2) Efforts to educate children and adults about the health risks associated with smoking and tobacco use, alcohol abuse, and other substances that threaten health and well-being and other activities designed to reduce the rate of substance abuse;

(3) Prenatal care education for women and notification of programs that improve prenatal care;

(4) Education focusing on proper diet and the importance of physical activity to good health;

(5) Blood pressure and cholesterol screenings;

(6) Support of efforts to identify children and adults at risk for depression and other mental health conditions and provide mental health counseling to prevent suicide;

(7) Parenting classes and the promotion of such programs;

(8) Efforts to discourage drinking and driving and to encourage the use of seat belts;

(9) Tests and education for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and other sexually transmitted diseases;

(10) Tests for pregnancy and referrals to prenatal care when directed;

(11) Educational efforts aimed at reducing teen pregnancies and other unintended pregnancies;

(12) Case management for pregnant women, children, or adults with special health care needs;

(13) Efforts to make health care prevention services more affordable or accessible;

(14) Matching funds for state and federal programs designed to address public health needs;

(15) Staffing needs for public health services or education including the recruitment and training of Native American providers;

(16) Cervical and breast cancer detection services and other prevention components of comprehensive women's health services;

(17) Education to prevent and reduce the occurrence of diabetes; and

(18) Other prevention or educational activities or programs that address the health, safety, or self-sufficiency of Native American persons.

Source:Laws 1998, LB 1070, § 13; Laws 2005, LB 301, § 57; Laws 2007, LB296, § 680.