71-7457. License; denied, refused renewal, suspended, limited, or revoked; grounds.

(1) A wholesale drug distributor license may be denied, refused renewal, suspended, limited, or revoked by the department when the department finds that the applicant or licensee has violated any provisions of the Wholesale Drug Distributor Licensing Act or of the rules and regulations adopted and promulgated under the act or has committed any acts or offenses set forth in section 38-178, 38-179, or 71-7459. All actions and proceedings shall be carried out as specified in sections 38-177 to 38-1,115.

(2) For purposes of this section, applicant or licensee includes, but is not limited to, the board of directors, chief executive officer, and other officers of the applicant or the entity to which the license is issued and the manager of each site if more than one site is located in this state.

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