71-7456. Pedigree; contents.

(1) The pedigree required under section 71-7455 shall include all necessary identifying information concerning each sale or other transfer in the chain of distribution of the prescription drug from the manufacturer, through acquisition and sale by any wholesale drug distributor or repackager, until final sale to a pharmacy or other person dispensing or administering such drug, including, but not limited to:

(a) Name of the prescription drug;

(b) Dosage form and strength of the prescription drug;

(c) Size of the container;

(d) Number of containers;

(e) Lot number of the prescription drug;

(f) Name of the original manufacturer of the finished dosage form of the prescription drug;

(g) Name, address, telephone number, and if available, the email address of each owner of the prescription drug and each wholesale drug distributor who does not take title to the prescription drug;

(h) Name and address of each location from which the prescription drug was shipped if different from the owner's;

(i) Transaction dates;

(j) Certification that each recipient has authenticated the pedigree;

(k) Name of any repackager, if applicable; and

(l) Name and address of person certifying the delivery.

(2) Each paper or electronic pedigree shall be maintained by the purchaser and the wholesale drug distributor for three years from the date of sale or transfer and available for inspection or use upon request of law enforcement or an authorized agent of the department.

Source:Laws 2006, LB 994, ยง 30.