71-701. Women's Health Initiative of Nebraska; created; duties.

The Women's Health Initiative of Nebraska is created within the Department of Health and Human Services. The Women's Health Initiative of Nebraska shall strive to improve the health of women in Nebraska by fostering the development of a comprehensive system of coordinated services, policy development, advocacy, and education. The initiative shall:

(1) Serve as a clearinghouse for information regarding women's health issues, including pregnancy, breast and cervical cancers, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, osteoporosis, menopause, heart disease, smoking, and mental health issues as well as other issues that impact women's health, including substance abuse, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, sexual assault, adequacy of health insurance, access to primary and preventative health care, and rural and ethnic disparities in health outcomes;

(2) Perform strategic planning within the Department of Health and Human Services to develop department-wide plans for implementation of goals and objectives for women's health;

(3) Conduct department-wide policy analysis on specific issues related to women's health;

(4) Coordinate pilot projects and planning projects funded by the state that are related to women's health;

(5) Communicate and disseminate information and perform a liaison function within the department and to providers of health, social, educational, and support services to women;

(6) Provide technical assistance to communities, other public entities, and private entities for initiatives in women's health, including, but not limited to, community health assessment and strategic planning and identification of sources of funding and assistance with writing of grants; and

(7) Encourage innovative responses by public and private entities that are attempting to address women's health issues.

Source:Laws 2000, LB 480, § 1; Laws 2005, LB 301, § 30; Laws 2007, LB296, § 448.