71-6904. Appeal; procedure; confidentiality.

(1) An appeal to the Supreme Court shall be available to any pregnant woman for whom a court denies an order authorizing an abortion without consent. An order authorizing an abortion without consent shall not be subject to appeal.

(2) An adverse ruling by the court may be appealed to the Supreme Court.

(3) A pregnant woman may file a notice of appeal of any final order to the Supreme Court. The State Court Administrator shall develop the form for notice of appeal and accompanying instructions on the procedure for an appeal. A sufficient number of forms for notice of appeal and instructions shall be made available in each courthouse in such place that members of the general public can obtain a form and instructions without requesting such form and instructions from the clerk of the court or other court personnel.

(4) The clerk of the court shall cause the court transcript and bill of exceptions to be filed with the Supreme Court within four business days, but in no event later than seven calendar days, from the date of the filing of the notice of appeal.

(5) In all appeals under this section the pregnant woman shall have the right of a confidential and expedited appeal and the right to counsel at the appellate level if not already represented. Such counsel shall be appointed by the court and shall receive a fee to be fixed by the court and to be paid out of the treasury of the county in which the proceeding was held. The pregnant woman shall not be required to appear.

(6) The Supreme Court shall hear the appeal de novo on the record and issue a written decision which shall be provided immediately to the pregnant woman, the pregnant woman's guardian ad litem, the pregnant woman's attorney, or any other person designated by the pregnant woman to receive the order.

(7) The Supreme Court shall rule within seven calendar days from the time of the docketing of the appeal in the Supreme Court.

(8) The Supreme Court shall adopt and promulgate rules to ensure that proceedings under this section are handled in a confidential and expeditious manner.

Source:Laws 1991, LB 425, § 4; Laws 2011, LB690, § 8.