71-6902.01. Victim of abuse, sexual abuse, or child abuse or neglect; attending physician; duties; liability.

If the pregnant woman declares in a signed written statement that she is a victim of abuse as defined in section 28-351, sexual abuse as defined in section 28-367, or child abuse or neglect as defined in section 28-710 by either of her parents or her legal guardians, then the attending physician shall obtain the notarized written consent required by section 71-6902 from a grandparent specified by the pregnant woman. The physician who intends to perform the abortion shall certify in the pregnant woman's medical record that he or she has received the written declaration of abuse or neglect. Any physician relying in good faith on a written statement under this section shall not be civilly or criminally liable under sections 71-6901 to 71-6911 for failure to obtain consent. If such a declaration is made, the attending physician or his or her agent shall inform the pregnant woman of his or her duty to notify the proper authorities pursuant to sections 28-372 and 28-711.

Source:Laws 2011, LB690, ยง 5.