71-6726. Medication aide; registration; qualifications; report of conviction required; licensure as nurse; effect.

(1) To register as a medication aide, an individual shall (a) have successfully completed the requirements in section 71-6725, (b) be at least eighteen years of age, (c) be of good moral character, (d) file an application with the department, and (e) pay the applicable fee.

(2) A registered nurse or licensed practical nurse whose license has been revoked, suspended, or voluntarily surrendered in lieu of discipline may not register as a medication aide.

(3) An applicant or medication aide shall report to the department, in writing, any conviction for a felony or misdemeanor. A conviction is not a disqualification for placement on the registry unless it relates to the standards identified in section 71-6725 or it reflects on the moral character of the applicant or medication aide.

(4) An applicant or medication aide may report any pardon or setting aside of a conviction to the department. If a pardon or setting aside has been obtained, the conviction for which it was obtained shall not be maintained on the Medication Aide Registry.

(5) If a person registered as a medication aide on the Medication Aide Registry becomes licensed as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, his or her registration as a medication aide becomes null and void as of the date of licensure.

Source:Laws 1998, LB 1354, § 16; Laws 2007, LB185, § 44; Laws 2007, LB463, § 1287.