71-6302. Asbestos project; business entity; license required; exceptions; training course.

Except as otherwise provided in this section or section 71-6309, a business entity shall not engage in an asbestos project unless the business entity holds a license for that purpose. A business entity which (1) only performs asbestos projects which are less than two hundred sixty linear feet or which are less than one hundred sixty square feet and linear feet in any combination or (2) uses its own employees for an asbestos project for the purpose of renovating, maintaining, or repairing its own facilities shall not be required to hold a license. Business entities not required to hold a license shall provide a training course to inform the employees of the health and safety aspects of the asbestos project, including the applicable state standards. The training course shall meet the standards for such course as prescribed in section 71-6310.01 and the rules and regulations adopted and promulgated pursuant to such section. The training course shall be available for review and approval upon inspection by the department.

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