71-6223.02. Directed review; initiation; procedure; report.

At any time the director and the chairperson may initiate a directed review or the chairperson in consultation with the members of the Health and Human Services Committee of the Legislature may initiate a directed review. The purpose of a directed review is to determine the advisability of credentialing a health professional group not previously regulated, of changing the scope of practice of a regulated health profession, or of other issues regarding the regulation of health professions. Before initiating a directed review, the director and the chairperson, or the chairperson in consultation with the Health and Human Services Committee, shall determine that no appropriate applicant group exists. No letter of intent, applicant group, application, or application fee shall be required in a directed review. The duty of the technical committee in a directed review shall be to investigate the issues that are the subject of the review, to hold a public hearing to receive information from the public on the issues, to develop a specific proposal to address the issues investigated taking into account the appropriate criteria as set forth in section 71-6221, and to prepare a final report containing the technical committee's proposal, other options considered, and other relevant information.

Source:Laws 1993, LB 536, § 106; Laws 2015, LB90, § 2.