71-617.06. Delayed birth certificate; independent supporting records; enumerated.

Independent supporting records shall include, but not be limited to, original records or certified or notarized copies of:

(1) A recorded certificate of baptism performed under age four;

(2) An insurance policy application personal history sheet;

(3) A federal census record;

(4) A school census record;

(5) A military service record;

(6) A family Bible record when proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the record was made before the child reached age four;

(7) Other evidence on file in the department taken from other registrations;

(8) A record at least five years old or established within seven years of the date of birth such as a physician's certificate or an affidavit taken from physician, hospital, nursing, or clinic records;

(9) An affidavit from a parent or longtime acquaintance;

(10) A printed notice of birth;

(11) A record from a birthday or baby book;

(12) A school record; or

(13) A church record.

An affidavit shall include the full name of the person whose birth is being registered as well as the date and place of birth and the basis of the affiant's knowledge of these facts.

Source:Laws 1985, LB 42, § 13; Laws 1997, LB 307, § 145; Laws 2007, LB296, § 420.