71-614. Marriage licenses; monthly reports; county clerk; duties; failure; penalty.

(1) On or before the fifth day of each month, the county clerk of each county shall return to the department upon suitable blank forms, to be provided by the department, a statement of all marriages recorded by him or her during the preceding calendar month. If no marriages were performed in the county during the preceding month, a card furnished by the department indicating such information shall be submitted on or before the fifth day of each month to the department. Upon neglect or refusal to make such returns, such county clerk shall, for each such neglect or refusal, forfeit and pay the sum of twenty-five dollars for the use of the proper county, to be collected as debts of like amount are now collectible.

(2) As soon as possible after completion of an amendment to a marriage license by the department, the department shall forward a noncertified copy of the marriage license reflecting the amendment to the county clerk of the county in which the license was filed. Upon receipt of the amended copy, the county clerk shall make the necessary changes on the marriage license on file in his or her office to reflect the amendment.

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