71-6039.03. Paid dining assistant; training requirements.

(1) The department may prescribe a curriculum for training paid dining assistants and may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations for such courses of training. Such courses shall be no less than eight hours in duration. The department may approve courses of training for paid dining assistants that meet the requirements of this section. Nursing homes may carry out approved courses of training and competency evaluation programs at the nursing home. Training of paid dining assistants shall be administered by a licensed registered nurse.

(2) Courses of training and competency evaluation programs for paid dining assistants shall include:

(a) Feeding techniques;

(b) Assistance with feeding and hydration;

(c) Communication and interpersonal skills;

(d) Appropriate responses to resident behavior;

(e) Safety and emergency procedures, including the abdominal thrust maneuver;

(f) Infection control;

(g) Resident rights;

(h) Recognizing changes in residents that are inconsistent with their normal behavior and the importance of reporting those changes to the supervisory nurse;

(i) Special needs; and

(j) Abuse and neglect, including the responsibility to report suspected abuse or neglect pursuant to sections 28-372 and 28-711.

(3) This section shall not prohibit any facility from exceeding the minimum hourly or training requirements.

Source:Laws 2004, LB 1005, ยง 117.