71-6023.01. Licensure; retention of medicaid resident required; when.

A nursing home seeking or renewing a license shall be required to retain a resident whose economic status changes so that such resident receives medicaid or becomes eligible for medicaid if such resident has resided in the nursing home for a period of at least one year after July 17, 1986, unless ten percent of such nursing home's residents are receiving medicaid or are eligible for medicaid. Such requirement shall constitute a condition of licensure. The department shall notify the nursing home of such requirement ninety days prior to the renewal of a license or upon application for a license. For purposes of this section, nursing homes shall include long-term care hospitals, including long-term care units of a hospital. This section shall not apply to the Nebraska veterans homes established pursuant to Chapter 80, article 3.

Source:Laws 1986, LB 782, § 2; Laws 1990, LB 1064, § 30.