71-5836. Department; duties.

The department, after consulting with appropriate governmental agencies and affected persons, shall:

(1) Prescribe the form to be used in applying for certificates of need and for applying for renewal of such certificates. The application shall contain (a) the name and address of the sponsor, (b) the anticipated date for placing the beds in service, (c) the location, (d) the number of new beds, (e) a concise, narrative description of the project showing the type and description of proposed acute care beds, rehabilitation beds, or long-term care beds, and (f) the certification and telephone number of a responsible officer; and

(2) By rule and regulation describe and clarify the procedures to be followed in the review of an application. Such procedures shall be issued with each application form.

Source:Laws 1979, LB 172, § 36; Laws 1982, LB 378, § 25; Laws 1989, LB 429, § 22; Laws 1997, LB 798, § 27.